June 26, 2018

The New Harbord Diggers is set to reopen after a $160 million redevelopment and, with that, they are unveiling a state-of-the-art digital interactive aquarium.

The Harbord Diggers development is considered a one-of-a-kind intergenerational community hub. Mounties Group vision for Harbord Diggers is to create strong community spaces that include entertainment, living, fitness, dining, wellbeing and childcare. With views out across the ocean and beach from almost every section of the Club, the new Harbord Diggers will offer the greatest cafes and restaurants in the area.

With world-class architecture design and facilities, it’s no surprise that they’re also innovating with digital technologies and content. Harbord Diggers have partnered with Prendi, a Brisbane-based digital signage solutions provider who are experts in delivering award-winning, interactive solutions such as this.

“When Harbord Diggers approached us, they had plans for a 12-screen video wall.” says James Ingram, Managing Director / Owner at Prendi. “We instantly knew this would be sure to catch the attention of any visitor walking into the space. The key however, is to have content that maximises and utilises the full capabilities of this fantastic touchscreen videowall. This content needed to be in-keeping with the environment and appealing to their intergenerational community. To do so, we have developed a state-of-the-art interactive aquarium.”

The Harbord Diggers Interactive Wall is a multifaceted solution, bringing together much more than just an underwater aquarium scene.

On the left you’ll see a floating social media feed, which pulls content directly from @HarbordDiggers tagged Instagram photos. The interactive feed gives users the opportunity to enlarge and drag the images around the video wall. With this solution, Prendi developed a custom back-end portal which allows Harbord Diggers to approve posts to feature.

On the right is an option for users to interact further with the videowall; press “Feed Fish” and a suite of animal animations are unlocked. Alternatively, click on “History” and you can watch key videos about the Harbord Diggers journey.

“We have also integrated basic artificial intelligence into the solution.” James explains, “Bubbles appear at your fingertips when interacting with the videowall, and schools of fish will become curious and investigate the bubbles. It’s these ‘small’ details which add depth and immersion to the overall solution.”

Phase 1 of the Harbord Diggers Interactive Wall launches with their opening this week. Harbord Diggers and Prendi have already begun development for Phase 2, which will see more advanced interactivity, including artificial intelligence, real-time effects and new scenes.

The New Harbord Diggers has an official invitation-only launch party this Thursday 28th June. From there, it’s set to open to the public on Saturday 30th June.

The New Harbord Diggers: http://harborddiggers.com.au
Prendi: www.prendi.com.au 

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